Daniel OboDovski

Daniel is an Internet of Things thought leader, keynote speaker, and founder/CEO of the The Silent Intelligence - a boutique management & technology consulting company, focused on IOT & digital transformation. Most of their clients are Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to starting The Silent Intelligence, Daniel worked as Director of Business Development at Qualcomm Inc. Daniel has extensive background in new business incubation and technology commercialization. Throughout his career at Qualcomm, Daniel led commercialization and market launch of multiple businesses, many originated as R&D concepts.

After leaving Qualcomm in 2013, Daniel co-authored "The Silent Intelligence: the Internet of Things", one of the first books about an upcoming technology revolution, which the following year became a top 10 book on technology and investing on Amazon.

In 2016 Daniel organized the Diego Smart City hackathon, focused on the Climate Action Plan and bringing together the City of San Diego and University of California San Diego along with multiple corporate partners.

In 2017 Inspired by the success of the hackathon and having passion for smart city solutions, together with a group of investors Daniel co-founded SCALE San Diego (Smart Cities Accelerator, Labs + Environment).

Founder & CEO

The Silent Intelligence

Advisory Board Member


"Cities as a Service, Accelerating Digital Communities"

September 16, 2019 | San Diego, California

September 16, 2019 | San Diego, California